After years of experience in the tourism sector, I founded Dreamland Italy in 2007 with the simple prospect of sharing the historical and landscape beauty of this gorgeous part of the world: Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Being able to share with other people what I feel living in this land is the greatest satisfaction. When guests who have benefited from my services write to tell me that they continue to dream about the breathtaking views that the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast offer turn after turn, it is worth more than anything else.

As my first goal, I decided to distinguish from other respectable companies - offering a different program. Having traveled a lot, I realized that when we choose a holiday destination, most of us want to participate actively in the daily life of the place where we are and possibly avoid being treated like vacationers. While living in a place with a very high frequency of tourists, I can say after a few years that I am able to do this to my guests. The trick is to see the customer as an old friend and share moments such as a trip in country on a Sunday, a look at some of the monuments and share the part of the day we more love "lunch". For us, lunch is a get-together, being able to talk about our experiences in front of a dish of spaghetti, a caprese salad, a homemade cake and a glass of good wine in a familiar environment. It is priceless. I invite you to choose me for your tour.I will be happy to show you how true what I wrote really is.

See you soon,

Bruno Morvillo



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